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Vendy is a head-turner high class professional babe with sweet face , amazing body and silky skin. She is groomed from head to toe. Friendly easy going and always in good mood she make you feel like you are the only person in the world..

Lets party........

1h- 300e 
2h -500e  
3h- 700e
1h- 400e  + taxi
2h- 600e  + taxi
3h- 800e + taxi

Date with Couples : extra 150euro/ 600tl

Extra services : CIM, COF , Golden Shower -50euro/ 200tl

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Reviews 8
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By mali36
Datum van ontmoeting 2016-12-23
Duur 1 hours
Stad Ankara
Uiterlijk 10/10
Diensten 10/10
Communicatie 10/10

perfect lady..real as in pictures.beatifull.. very very kind...ı can not believe that..hospitality perfect...from now on ı wıll follow


By Shooter
Datum van ontmoeting 2016-09-26
Duur 4 hours
Stad Athens
Uiterlijk 10/10
Diensten 10/10
Communicatie 7.5/10

I have met the girl last week in Athens, but I have already met her other times.

She is very interesting girl, with a sex-appeal that I have seldom found in other women.

Time with her is great: I like spending a lot of time with her, like last time when we had a wonderful dinner at the bottom of Acropolis. The only problem is about communication, because her English is limited. But this is not important at all.

She is a fantastic beauty, really gorgeous, stunning girl. Very attractive for my testes. Top!!

Sex with her is super, but details are reserved between me and her. What I can say is that she has always satisfied my needs, and I think she liked very much time and sex with me too. She is the top, the best for a man.

Highly recommended!

By fre...yf
Datum van ontmoeting 2016-07-01
Duur 60 min
Stad Istanbul
Uiterlijk 9/10
Diensten 10/10
Communicatie 7/10

good looking and very sweet girl. nice body as seen exactly on photos. hard to communicate because she is not good at English. owo is really good and multiple times is ok. active during sex and with many positions. not keen on kissing, so I made services 9 out of 10! by the way I will lookfor her to visit İstanbul again.

Datum van ontmoeting 2016-07-07
Duur 60 min
Stad Istanbul
Uiterlijk 10/10
Diensten 10/10
Communicatie 9/10

Resimlerindekinin aynısı bir kız. İnce, uzun, sarışın,renkli gözlü ve çok seksi.Tüm gayretiyle memnun etmeye çalışıyor. İngilizcesi zayıf, esas Almanca biliyormuş ve daha çok Amsterdam'da çalışyormuş ama İstanbul'u sevmiş, yine gelirim diyor. Ben tavsiye ederim arkadaşlar.javascript:void(0);

By Luc
Datum van ontmoeting 2016-06-06
Duur 1 hours
Stad Athens
Uiterlijk 9/10
Diensten 7.5/10
Communicatie 4.5/10

Πολυ ομορφο μωρο γυρω στα 26-30 με καλο σωμα και φτιαγμενα βυζια. Στο κρεβατι το παλευει αλλα η συνεννοηση δυσκολη. Προθυμη ομως και ακολουθει νοηματικες οδηγιες. Καλυτερη σταση στα 4 οπου φαινεται το σωμα της και τα καταπληκτικα οπισθια.

Αξιζει μονο για εμφανηση αλλα υπερτιμημενη.

By madw
Datum van ontmoeting 2015-08-04
Duur 1 hours
Stad Amsterdam
Uiterlijk 9/10
Diensten 10/10
Communicatie 7/10

Such a stunning girl.
Perfect face and body.
Beautiful tits with long hard nipples.
Her eyes are incredible and they powerfully force you to her sweet tasting cunt.

By Promitheas
Datum van ontmoeting 2015-10-22
Duur 30 min
Stad Athens
Uiterlijk 10/10
Diensten 7.5/10
Communicatie 2/10

Ανοίγει η πόρτα και κάτω από το χαμηλό φωτισμό διακρίνω ένα πλαστικό χαμόγελο υποδοχής με ωραίο περιτύλιγμα όμως. Μπαίνω στο μπάνιο και σκέφτομαι ότι αφού την επικοινωνία δε την έχουμε ας πάμε κατευθείαν στο ψητό άρα το μισάωρο μου φτάνει ακριβώς ( γιατί να ξοδευόμαστε αν δεν υπάρχει λόγος ). Στον αγώνα ήταν καλή, με ανταπόκριση στις υψηλές στροφές, πολύ ωραίο σώμα αλλά και πρόσωπο. Ωραία παρουσία να βγάλει τα λεφτά της για εντυπωσιασμό σε fuck party. Άσχετο, είχε ρετιρέ με βεράντα και θέα, πάντα επιλέγουν φτηνά δωμάτια. Τελικό συμπέρασμα, όταν η ωραία δε μιλάει γρί Αγγλικά είναι σαν να βλέπεις θέατρο με νοηματική.

Beautiful girl, with style, but with poor English therefore poor comunication.

By Best15
Datum van ontmoeting 2015-10-19
Duur 60 min
Stad Athens
Uiterlijk 10/10
Diensten 10/10
Communicatie 10/10

Nice tall sexy girl. Feeling like fuck a model. Kisses with tongue, very deep blowjob, fuck doggy style and missionary. As I cummed her in mouth with deepthroat I think that she swallowed some of my cum. She didn't complain. I think Vendy and Espen are the most fair choices for the moment in Athens. Reccomended !!