That 70’s Sex Pt. 03 --Tuesday Afternoon, The Pinciotti Backyard "Mom! You're not taking your top off!" Donna squealed in shock as her mother took  her bikini top off and let it fall to the ground by the hot tub. "What? It's classy," Midge said as she relaxed in the hot, bubbling water, "They do it  in Europe." "Yeah, Donna, don't be such a prude," Jackie agreed as she took her own bikini top off  and let it fall next to Midge's. "Yeah, Donna, don't be such a prude," Fez whispered to himself from the bushes  across from the hot tub. Escort Cyprus Donna looked around expecting one of the guys to suddenly appear. She looked  back at... more
My mom's affair with another man Hello guys. This is Aditya. I am about to narrate stories of my mommy's relationship with my best friend's dad. Me and Tariq were in final year of engineering and he often used to live with me and my mom. My mom treated him as a son and we all were in good bond. I lived in a flat having a room and a hall along with balcony, kitchen and washroom. Me and Tariq often slept in hall and mommy used to sleep inside the room.  My mom was in her mid 40's and was a very beautiful north Indian lady. As we lived in Bangalore, she looked odd with her fair skin. She used to wear old ethnic and western outfit. At home she used to wear tops with shorts... more

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