COMPANIONS   :   Margo *Luxury*
Name: Margo
GENDER: female
AGE: 29
EYES: Green
SEX PREF: Bisexual
Languages: English,
Website: Click Here

Voted N 1  in Top 50 escorts Chart in

Join us in welcoming our Hungarian bombshell Margo. She has a passion for life that you will find hard to match - so what are you waiting for ? 

Please only sms or send me email [email protected]

Enjoy my site .You can check my schedule there.

"please call me if i dont respond to your sms.there are problems with sms receiving sometimes"

My personal time:

1h- 300e
2h- 400e
3h- 500e

For outcall taxi expences is extra charge


In my private life I prefer: Man, Couple, Sex In Different Positions, 69 Position, Oral without condom,Full Body Erotic Massage, Masturbation, Striptease, Kissing with tongue, Cum on body,  Fingering and Fisting Giving, PM, Foot fetish, Rimming, GFE+, Swingers, Swedish Massage, Alevel Rimming, Ball licking and sucking, Domination, SM light, Tie and Tease, Role Plays, Strap-On.

Sexy outfit for role play : secretary, teacher

Extra I like: Couples, CIM 50e, CIF 50e, Golden Shower 50e, A-level only by  simpathy 100e.

Incall in luxury 5 star hotel in city center.

Outcall in Athens to hotels and homes.
Outcall in Istanbul only to 5 star hotels.


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Phone: +306930836388

Margo’s reviews
Post date: 2015-01-03, 00:11
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2015-01-02 60 min Athens 10/10 10/10 10/10
3 years have passed since we had our first meeting,and almost never missed a meeting since then. :-)

Every meeting of ours is unique,and we always do something new. We even played video-games once or twice LOL
Today we had the most AGGRESSIVE kiss ever.

See you next time, sexy! :-))))
Post date: 2014-11-23, 10:27
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-10-12 60 min Amsterdam 10/10 10/10 10/10
This lady is a real PRO. She eats sex. When i arrived she kiss me all over. After the shower she starts all over again and and with sucking. Margo is a real beauty and loves having sex. It was a great hour with her.
Post date: 2014-11-10, 08:59
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-11-06 90 min Istanbul 10/10 10/10 10/10
Here s my review again for fellow punters for my date w MARGO and BRUNA for a DUO experience..
After knowing Margo for years - Was I ready for todays date? Absolutely NOT. Margo and Bruna welcomed me with huge smile and sexy outfits inthe room. What an experience. They both know how to make a man's day let em tell you. No need to go into details however let me clearly state that Margo is still one of the best courtesans visiting Turkey (if not the best) and she always has the eye for another good potential such as BRUNA. It is obvious that they lişke eachother and if I wasnt there the heat will be still in the room. I was lucky to be part of the heat as well. They took care of every inch of my body throughout the short time I had (90 minutes is short if you are w Margo and Bruna). I would definitely recommend this TWO together for everyone with no heart condition. Well done girls... You made my day again and again... Take care of yourselves.. winkwinkwinkwink
Post date: 2014-11-05, 19:52
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-11-03 120 min Istanbul 10/10 10/10 10/10
There are some fine girls at Escortnews.
There are a few princesses.
And there is one Queen Margo.
She treats you like a king.
Thank you your majesty.
God bless the queen.
Post date: 2014-09-13, 13:10
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-07-28 2 hours Athens 10/10 10/10 10/10
Τα πολλά λόγια είναι περιτά.
Αν ψάχνετε για μια γυναίκα που ξέρει πώς θα κάνει ένα άνδρα να περάσει καλά, η Margo είναι ιδανική και σίγουρη επιλογή.
Όμορφο και γυμνασμένο σώμα, φανταστικό πρόσωπο και το κυριότερο συμπεριφορά και σεξουαλικότητα που δεν συγκρίνεται με κανένα κοριτσάκι περαστικό από τον χώρο του esort...
Όχι μόνο δεν λέει όχι σε τίποτα, αλλά ξέρει και πως να το κάνει άψογα.
Δίκαια οι θαυμαστές της την αποκαλούν Sexy Godess!!!
If yoy are looking for a woman who knows how to treat a man, Margo is the excellant choise
Beautifull and toned body, fantastic face and sexual attitude that is beoynd any comparison with any girl passing by the escorting
Margo will not say, no , to everything you wish and more important she have the skill to do it in a fantastic way.
Rightly her fans call her, Sexy Godess !!!
Post date: 2014-07-23, 12:44
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-07-22 90 min Athens 10/10 10/10 10/10
20 things i like in Margo:

1. Red hair
2. Long hair
3. Strong legs
4. Nice color in nails
5. Beautiful smile
6. Good taste in music
7. Tall
8. Talkative
9. Sense of humor
10. Playful
11. Educated
12. Hugable
13. Generous
14. Green eyes
15. Nice skin color
16. Never looks the clock
17. Good at role play
18. Experience in sex
19. Flexible (body)
20. Flexible (with her programme)
By masum serseri
Post date: 2014-07-16, 02:38
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-06-17 120 min Istanbul 10/10 10/10 10/10
ingilizcem iyi olmadigi icn turkce yaziyorum kusura bakmayin

margoyu bayadir takip ediyor ve gorusmeyi cok istedigim bir escorttu yazilan yazilarda beni hep o yone dogru itmisdi

gorusme cok basit bir sekilde kendi sitesi uzerinden ve burasi uzerinden masaj yoluyla gerceklesdi hemen donus yapiyor ve herhangi bir sikintisi olmayan merkezi konumlu temiz ve rahat otel odasinda gorustuk

gorusme detaylarindan cok margo davranislari gercekden inanilmaz yani sizi bulutlarin uzerine cikaran bir geysa hizmeti veriyor desem yalan olmaz masaji bir harika ki sirf masaji icin bile bir cok kez musait oldugumda gorusme taraftariyim

hayal gibi gecen bir 120 dajkikayi tekrar yasamk istiyorum ve en yakin sure de yasattigi hersey icin tesekkurler

cok kisa bir not daha bu siteden gorustugum ikinci bayan margo ama sunu farkettim bir ton organizasyon yapip belki mutlu olamayacagimiz bayan yerli escort yerine bence burasi ideal

MARGO Thanks for everything...

Post date: 2014-07-06, 01:15
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-07-05 120 min Istanbul 10/10 10/10 10/10
Ok guys, i will tell you only one thing: God exists because there is Margo ! She is more than just a good sex. She is a really talkative, understanding girl. She relieves you from your distress, troubles and makes you a new man. So to summarize, there is Margo and the others...

Dostlar sen gel şimdi Margodan sonra Türk kezbanlarının artistliğini, tatavasını çek, gerçekten olacak iş değil... Ülkemi seviyorum ama bazen neden Rusyada doğmadım Allahım diye yanmıyor da değilim. Eminim benimle aynı fikirde olan arkadaşlar vardır...
Post date: 2014-05-29, 07:42
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-05-23 180 min Istanbul 10/10 10/10 10/10
Meeting with Margo is a journey beyond a man's wildest desires and this journey begins the second you step into her room. 3 hours passed with the blink of an eye! She is a real professional in everything she does and she is definitely the best I have ever met with in my life. She deserves 10+ in all categories. A must-see girl...
By mr_stanbul
Post date: 2014-05-21, 01:32
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-05-20 60 min Istanbul 10/10 10/10 10/10
O gerçek bir profesyonel. She is real professional. O gerçek bir profesyonel. She is real professional. O gerçek bir profesyonel. She is real professional.
By Journeyman
Post date: 2014-05-18, 15:00
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-05-17 5 hours Istanbul 10/10 10/10 10/10
Guys, just go and visit her. You can find many beautiful ladies. But can you find a beautiful lady with such mind set? Not very likely.
Life is short, indulge yourself and broaden your horizons
By fanhot
Post date: 2014-05-12, 08:45
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-05-11 2 hours Athens 10/10 10/10 10/10
what i say . the girl is the Top. very nice body,sweet lips,if i havent my fly i was there until now.kisses my darling. i will see you again and again
By mr_stanbul
Post date: 2014-04-04, 23:24
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-04-04 60 min Istanbul 10/10 10/10 10/10
Margo is proffessional, special, realy splendid.
She starts to kiss you inside the door. She uses her tongue so good. She pierses you with tongue. She is so kind, smiling, talkative and relevant. Her body, her eyes are so beautiful. Those hips make you crazy. Rimming, Sucking, Licking is perfect. If you want she washes you by kissing. You have to give your body to her skillful hands for special massage. She enjoys with your making love. Realy.
If you give her opportunity she will blow away you. I didn't see this kind of blowjop.
Time does not matter.
You don't need more detail, you must live it. She is coming in May. I will wait her. I can't change my mounth taste. :-)))
Thank you Margo, thank you. Come quickly please ...
By diesel
Post date: 2014-04-03, 10:33
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-04-02 60 min Istanbul 10/10 10/10 10/10
I did my worship for my goddess yesterday, amen.
Tapılası bir kadın, geldiğinde kaçırmamak lazım. herşey mükemmel ilgi, temizlik, istek, yetenek ve de nefis bir vucud.
By Rustyjames
Post date: 2014-03-31, 22:31
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-03-29 2 hours Istanbul 10/10 10/10 10/10

I am going to be honest. Margo is unique. Not unique she is an alien. When I told her " You are an alien" ,she replied "why?" and I said " you should be from another planet. No woman in the World treats a man like you". Really, no woman treated me like her
. Thank you Margo.

See you soon.
Post date: 2014-03-30, 01:14
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-03-30 120 min Istanbul 10/10 10/10 10/10
My english is not enough to describe her :) She is very beautifull and hard also so sexy. She is more sexy than photos. İ can certainly offer her she is best in this site in my opinion. Im sure that i will meet with her again and again also she calls me readyboy :) I love you margo, Im already miss you :)
Post date: 2014-03-27, 16:12
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-03-26 2 hours Istanbul 10/10 10/10 10/10
I really don't know what to say after hundreds of great comments she had but I'll give it a go. First of all she is not like others that's for sure. She is elegant, funny and knowledgable. Her brain will impress you more then her gorgeous body if you talk to her. This is a lady seen a lot in life so you can't belive to her experiences. For instance she has met with Mick Jagger can you believe it. Anyhow I know there are guys wants to read about sexwise comments so for those guys I will say one word. Fantastic!!! I will say no more because there are lots of other comments about it so read them. My final words thanks for everything Margo. Thanks for ıntroducing me the great song Road To Hell by Chris Rea. That was a night to remember with you. Bless you...
Always Hard Guy :))
By gunner
Post date: 2014-03-23, 08:39
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-03-22 1 hours Athens 10/10 10/10 10/10
Post date: 2014-03-15, 11:28
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-01-19 1 hours Istanbul 10/10 10/10 10/10
It was an amazing experience with a hot woman and extremely hot body.
sweet, funny, chatty, amazing at what she does. I will DEFINITELY be back to see you and Helena. Beautiful body, beautiful eyes, beautiful smile. No bad points at all. Loved every second of our time together and I am not joking when I say she is AMAZING. So glad I met with your girlfriend Helena too. I left a very happy man. Thanks a lot Margo. See you soon. Kissess...

Post date: 2014-03-07, 11:18
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-02-21 3 hours Lima 10/10 10/10 10/10
Margo is beautiful and treats you like a girlfriend would, may be better than a girlfriend. She is tall and her green eyes are playful. She does marvels with her tongue and lips. Best three hours I had in years.
Regards. :*
By Antartica
Post date: 2014-02-25, 22:09
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-01-13 120 min Istanbul 10/10 10/10 10/10
Margo, a real proffessional elite escort lady. A true high class escort. In Turkey only Stella,Jasmine,Margo,Jessica and Elle can get 10 points. Some people especially who traveled Holland, Scandinavia and Central Europe and meets escort girls there can understand why I can only count 5 names in Turkey. Again some people here should make their reviews very carefully. They give ordinary girls very high points. Margo deserves every good compliments. She made me always horny easily in our meeting. Sex with her was just perfect. I dont go to see escorts for second time but with other 4 names I mentioned, I will try to visit her again.
By Yuber
Post date: 2014-01-25, 00:27
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-01-24 90 min Athens 10/10 10/10 10/10
Today it was our 2 year anniversary. My favorite part of her is her super strong legs! Nothing new to tell,but i will continue to book meetings with her as long as i have money
By altay
Post date: 2014-01-13, 17:10
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-01-13 60 min Istanbul 10/10 10/10 10/10
She is really different from others. In fact I decided to meet her because of so many reviews about her, %99 of which were positive, normally I prefer blondies... And the moment I entered her room I knew I made the right decision... I won't go into details but you can be sure that you won't regret just like me (the only thing i regret is that i saw her ony for an hour which was not enough for me), she is just perfect, she is the right girl for you, just like for all the guys that has written reviews about her. And one more thing; she uses her tongue sooo perfect that you will never forget... She's leaving the town soon, so hurry up, don't miss her... Margo, hope to see you again when you come to Istanbul again :)

Margo için söylenecek fazla birşey yok, yorumlardan da okuduğunuz gibi tek kelimeyle mükemmel bir kız.. Her bakımdan, yatakda süper, sempatik, dilini süper kullanıyor, mükemmel öpüşüyor, masaj yapıyor, vs. vs. 1 saatlik görüşme ayarladığıma çok pişman oldum, zamanın nasıl geçtiğini anlayamadan sürem doldu, o yüzden tek boşalma oldu, yoksa birden çok boşalmaya izin veriyor... Kısaca Margo'yu İstanbul'dayken kaçırmayın derim...
Post date: 2014-01-12, 12:05
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-01-11 2 hours Istanbul 10/10 10/10 10/10
There are escorts, and then there is Margo. Margo is in an entirely different league. From the moment you enter her room, its like you are in another world. She gives you the impression that you know her already a long time, its like she can read your mind. You dont need to tell her what you want, just let her take the lead and your in for an unforgettable experience. Margo, thanks again and dont think about "strange telephone numbers" next time ;-)
Post date: 2014-01-11, 10:52
Meeting Date Duration City Look Services Communication
2014-01-10 60 min Istanbul 10/10 10/10 10/10
When she open the door İmmediateley I lost my mind I was in heaven suddenly. What is that tongue I never saw, What is that smiling, Really I met with too much escorts and first time I wrote review I never see like Margo. She is not escort She is Dream maker even you can not see such this dream only you can live with her. After her be are you will lose all your ladies Coz you will never like other girls. Can you imagine I am still trembling. I am still live her kisses what a kisses I never saw. Perfect GFE.

Services : when you go her you will not think sevices, leave yourself to her she will do the her best. No need to explain how was the service. Go and live to her and fly to heaven. Notice: if you are less than 1.70 I recommend leave to her your self she is like basketball player so tall. I am 1.81 even me too I left to her myself. I am old 59 age But really be sure Now I am 30 age. she made me 30 age younger. I recommend her and I have Gold card member of Margo... (it is our secret) Now I will work to be platinum card. Next week I will meet again.
Thank you dream girl Margo You to flight tome to the heaven.

Margo’s comments
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